The Vivo Y72 is probably one of the most important devices by the manufacturer with which they hope to gain substantial market share: an affordable, mid-range smartphone for less than 300 Euros (~$ 353) that features both a sleek, attractive design and powerful hardware. This phone is the first from the brand to feature a dual screen and to do so in a way that isn’t typical of others from the brand. While this might be a selling point on its own, it’s also indicative of how much the company is willing to invest in their smartphones, and in particular in their Chinese-based Phone Click rival, the Vivo Yota. But is the Vivo Y 72 worth the investment?

The main selling point of this phone is its display. It has a full HD display which is quite bright and contrasty, which makes it a joy to use. It is vivo y72 5g also curved, which gives it a unique look and feel. However, it’s not all smooth sailing: the 4.2-inch Android skin is quite thin, and while it covers the entire back of the unit, it leaves the front and sides exposed – something that some may appreciate, but not others.

So what are the pros and cons of the Vivo Y 72? For a start, it’s easy to use this mid-range smartphone thanks to its intuitive interface, but there are some issues here too. Firstly, it’s not as powerful as the Idolator, but it’s also not as powerful as the Motorola Defy – so if you’re looking for a budget smartphone with a decent screen and a big battery, then you should probably consider the Vivo Y 72 instead.

On the other hand, the specs aren’t really that impressive. It comes with a 1.3 Mega Pixels camera, which isn’t very powerful, but then again, it’s a decent camera. In the hands of someone who has more experience, it should be able to give you decent results. If you’re not that experienced with cameras, then you should probably forget about the ability to take quality photos with the on-screen interface and the 720p HD camera.

The battery life of this phone isn’t very impressive too, despite having a large LCD display. It lasts a little over two hours on the whole, although this could vary due to the software and various other factors. With a decent amount of memory, the built-in memory card is sufficient, but unfortunately it can only support SD card. If you want to use external storage like the MMC card reader from the MigoAura+ series, then you’ll definitely need to buy an additional memory card, otherwise you’ll have to settle for the one that the phone provides.

One of the best parts of the Vivo Y 72 is its six MP camera. It’s not the greatest, but it’s actually quite good. The resolution is not the highest on the market, but if you look at the megapixels, then you can forget about that as the improvement is marginal. The photo processing is a lot faster than what we see on other phones, which is great. With the addition of Android version 6.0 (Marshmallow), this all changed.

The Vivo Y 72’s primary camera is also capable of taking HD video, though it doesn’t have the same pixel quality as the secondary camera on the iPhone 6s Plus. For that reason, the Vivo Y 72 uses a Sony IMX Mini camera, which is far smaller than the optical lens of the iPhone 6s Plus. With the ability to fit into a pocket, the Y series offers users even more versatility when it comes to their smartphones. However, the lack of a built-in flash makes it less convenient than other devices that let you insert an external battery. That aside, the camera performs admirably in low light as well, which is probably due to the OIS built-in.

In the past, the dual SIM iPhone has been hard to find, but now both Vivo and Samsung had made it available. The dual SIM cards allow you to use your regular SIM card and the new Vivo smartphone to take the occasional selfies or videos that can’t be caught on any traditional camera. This phone also supports OBB and BLK networks, which will likely come in handy if you travel a lot. You can also opt for the high definition selfie mode, which brings high-quality pictures to life on the screen. Even with its limited features, the vivo y72 5g is perfect for taking quick and fun selfies and videos.

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